Recommendation Letter for Dalziel Enterprises, Ltd.

To whom it may concern:

I highly recommend Dalziel Enterprises to anyone looking for a company committed to providing its customers with various types of hay suited to their individual needs. As a family-owned wholesale provider, Dalziel Enterprises specializes in exporting, processing, and supplying mixed varieties of hay.

Located in Cremona, Alberta, Dalziel Enterprises processes all its products using equipment built in-house to serve the specific needs of its customers. Export products include Timothy hay wrapped or bulk as well as mixed hay in 55lb bales, while domestic products include large square bales, 45lbs compressed green bales wrapped in bundles and 60lb small square bales of mixed hay.

Dalziel Enterprises Ltd prides itself on its kind, honest approach. It provides affordable hay for both large and small customers, from feeding rabbits to large stables of animals. It makes sure its customers receive hay in compact, stretch-wrapped bundles for convenient transport and storage. The easy-to-feed flakes remain effortless to feed despite how compressed they are, which allows for dense hay that lasts for longer periods of time.

I highly recommend Dalziel Enterprises Ltd as the premier supplier of various types of hay. Its comprehensive knowledge of domestic and imported hay will give you peace of mind in knowing you will receive quality bales at a reasonable cost, every time.



Oleg Ryskine
Schooley Mitchell

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