Schooley Mitchell provides all new Franchisees with an intensive five-day initial training program at our Head Office. There are also five days of video training after you get back home, which is completed at your own pace while you’re out making money. The initial training includes teaching you the tried and true methods for Sales and Marketing, and reviews all of the successful methods our Franchisees employ to obtain clients.

The initial training also includes “hands-on” training with live client cases to teach you how to use our simple-to-use software tools and programs and execute your client assignments.  The video training provides you with basics telecom training as well as other appropriate topic areas.

In addition to the initial training there is an intensive first year mentoring and coaching program called the Quick Start Program. Through this program we review your client assignments and provide check-in calls to ensure you are operating at your best levels.

The training then continues with hands-on training as you begin the operation of the Franchise. Continuous training takes place via our intranet (The Warehouse), through our support staff, through sessions near your community with suppliers of technology solutions, and via other distance learning initiatives.

We generally hold a monthly webinar for sales and marketing initiatives, or for topics related to improving the operations of your Franchise.

In addition to all of these vehicles to keep you up to date and provide training to you, each Franchisee attends our annual conference where the newest ideas and best practices are communicated and reviewed, and the successes of our vast network of Consultants are shared with peers.