The following items, although not all-inclusive, provide an overview of the inclusions with a Schooley Mitchell Franchise:

  • Use of the Schooley Mitchell name, trademarks, and quality reputation;
  • Computer software tools and databases developed by Schooley Mitchell, as well as continuous updates;
  • The initial training course;
  • Continuous training on a distance learning basis;
  • The annual training updates;
  • Access to specialists in all areas of telecommunications, merchant services, and small package shipping and courier through our Head Office team as well as our consultant network throughout North America;
  • Continuous toll-free support;
  • Head office support, experience, business expertise, and advice;
  • Marketing and advertising materials and advice;
  • U.S. and Canada-wide coverage to ensure all client needs can be satisfied;
  • Full access to the Schooley Mitchell intranet site (The Warehouse), which contains client and practice management system, technical material, training material, methods of easy communication among franchisees, libraries, full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, etc.;
  • The fully developed operating and support systems, which means you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel.”