Support from Head Office is provided on a continuous and perpetual basis. The level of support is certainly one of the strengths of our business at Schooley Mitchell and is commonly touted as such by our Franchisees.

Head Office staff members have been providing support to Franchisees, and directly to clients, across North America since 2004. You are never left to deal with a challenge alone. We continually help you through your client situations, as well as continually providing information about sales and marketing, business operations, client solutions, supplier options, and technical information, as well as just being a sounding board.

We stay current in the required disciplines and pass that information on to you. We spend the time. We employ a research and development department to stay on top of those disciplines and obtain information from many sources to ensure we are providing the best information, training, and support for you.

We gather best practices from Franchisees who are operating the same business as you, and we gather new data about rates, contacts, technologies, and new research from vendors. We also research new and proven business practices before disseminating that practical information to all of our Franchisees.

The end result is all of our support practices have two goals in mind – to help our Franchisees run a great professional business, and to make as much money as desired. Our Franchisees are secure in the knowledge they always have a team of professional to rely on for their success.