Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

As indicated in the Schooley Mitchell mission statement, our goal is to be known as the cost reduction experts across the continent. Our marketing and promotion programs are directed toward that goal.

Our initial training course includes three full days of sales and marketing skills development to ensure our Franchisees fully understand our programs, tactics, and strategies. We are very good at passing on the best practices that have developed over years of experience in the field so that new Franchisees obtain a running start when they come out of training.

We also deliver regular webinars, available to all Franchisees, to pass on new ideas and best practices.

We have creative artists, communications specialists and content creators on the Head Office support team. Franchisees are provided with the very best collateral and electronic materials to promote their business. We also create web presence for each Franchisee and understand how the internet should be used in a business like ours.

We also provide unlimited access to our Pulse Program, part of our Business Education Network, which automatically delivers Distinctive Value to your contacts, prospects, and clients on a bi-weekly basis. This program is a great way to build your relationships by providing value to people – and you don’t have to lift a finger to do it.

Schooley Mitchell has also been honored with six coveted Frankie Awards for the best advertising campaigns among all Franchise companies. Schooley Mitchell has received both the Gold Medal for Business-to-Business Brochures and the Silver Medal for Direct Marketing. Those achievements were followed up with the Silver Medal for Corporate Identity and three Bronze Medals for Business-to-Business Brochures. We are very proud of our materials, both print and electronic, and of our increasing presence in the marketplace.