Franchisees generally begin by operating their Schooley Mitchell Franchise as a home-based business although some Franchisees choose to operate outside the home in a small professional office environment. That choice is entirely yours. Consequently, overhead and operations costs are minimal. Our business is a revenue-driven business as opposed to a cost-control business – no inventory, leaseholds, required staffing, dictated hours of operation, equipment, required facilities etc.

Some Franchisees choose to operate as a single-person business, while others choose to operate on a larger scale by adding people to their business. Again, the choice is all yours.

Some Franchisees choose to operate their business by doing both the sales and analysis part of the business, while others choose to concentrate more on one than the other.

There is no geographic restriction on where you get your clients – no limiting territories. There is no restriction on how big you can grow your business. Yet, your client and prospect base is protected through our sophisticated client registry system which makes for the best of both worlds – no growth restrictions but protected assets.

Due to the fact that the Franchise system extends across North America, there is an opportunity for all Franchisees to network from coast to coast. This is a significant benefit in terms of exchanging information, client experiences, and best practices. It is also an advantage for larger clients that may have multiple locations and need multiple points of contact. Of course small and medium clients are served locally and comprise a significant, lucrative portion of our Franchisees’ client base, as well as the base for referrals to new business clients.

Our Franchisees operate a professional business, very much like an accountant, lawyer, or other business advisor. However, instead of advising business people about tax or law, we simply help them to get more money by reducing their expenses. And, we don’t win unless they win first, which is more than 90% of the time!