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A Brief History

With decades of experience, we have pursued our Franchising concept to meet the need for independent and objective cost reduction consulting advice in the North American market since 2004.

Our company is the largest independent cost reduction consulting company in North America, with very successful offices from coast to coast in both the United States and Canada.

Schooley Mitchell Franchisees are independent of companies selling products or services. We do not sell anything except our advice. Franchisees do not receive commissions, residuals or kickbacks from any suppliers. Therefore, the solutions provided to clients are designed with the exclusive goal of providing the best solution to meet clients’ individual needs regarding their products and services.

At Schooley Mitchell, we have structured our services to be very attractive to business clients by providing them in a self-funded manner. Most services are offered on a contingency basis, where the client only pays a portion of their savings realized through Schooley Mitchell’s advice.

If there are no savings generated from the Schooley Mitchell assignment, then there are no fees paid by the client. This billing method ensures that the client can be secure that they will never lose money by engaging a Schooley Mitchell Franchisee.