Schooley Mitchell Benefits

Control Over Results/Future

  • In a conventional job, your financial and professional success is usually not under your control – at Schooley Mitchell, you have full control
  • Huge market, no effect from demographics, territory, competition or economics – you are in control of your future

Control Over Time

  • At Schooley Mitchell, you can define your hours and spend more time with your family, in your community and following your passions than you ever could before in a conventional career
  • The clients and vendors you work with operate during regular 9-5 business hours – no expectations to work irregular hours

Ability to Make Significant Income

  • Huge marketplace
  • Little effect from demographics, competition or economic conditions
  • Research and Development department always looking for new ways to improve financial results for our franchisees

Appointment Setting

  • We have a full team of telemarketers who work to set appointments for you with prospective clients
  • We take on these calls for you so you can focus on other crucial aspects of your business

Strong Exit Strategy

  • Each client you obtain is an asset that can be sold – every client and their relationship with Schooley Mitchell adds value to the business
  • A franchise was recently sold for $4.5 million

Recurring Revenue Model

  • Each client you obtain at Schooley Mitchell creates a residual stream of income for a minimum of three years
  • Using our systems and models effectively will build strong relationships with clients – our franchisees often create renewals with their clients

Lower Investment

  • Once you invest your $68,000 franchise fee, you’re ready to obtain clients and build your business
  • No requirement to invest in facilities, inventory, equipment, or staff to be successful

Low Overhead

  • Many of our franchisees have built successful businesses from a home office

Recession Proof

  • Schooley Mitchell is completely unaffected by economic conditions
  • When organizations are struggling, they need to utilize our services in order to survive. When they’re growing, they need our services to effectively expand their systems and processes in a cost-conscious manner


  • No restrictions on how big you choose to grow your business – you can work independently or manage a team

Territorial Freedom

  • Flexibility to obtain business clients anywhere in North America, no specific territory assignment

Professional Environment/B2B

  • Much like an accountant, lawyer and engineer you are viewed as a respected professional in your community

Personal Growth

  • Exposure to the knowledge and expertise of not only 100-plus Head Office staff but the entire system of franchisees and their diverse professional backgrounds

Large Market Opportunity

  • Any business that uses phones or internet, accepts electronic payments, ships packages, produces waste or uses e-signatures, electronic logging devices, utilities, fuel, software, unified communications, uniforms and linens, less than truckload, or facility supplies can be a client
  • Our services will resonate with organizations of every size and financial situation

Happy Clients

  • Our risk-free independent service resonates with clients
  • We provide clients with time, money, security and knowledge so they can focus on running their business

Great Support/Coaching/Training

  • We have a staff of 100 professionals here at Head Office completely focused on helping you succeed
  • From award-winning marketing materials to a robust coaching and training program to our knowledgeable team of analysts and software developers, you have the support and guidance to grow a successful franchise

High Value Service

  • No business can afford to waste money and time or stick with services that aren’t effective for their needs – we take away these pain points and help our clients build and grow
  • Our risk-free service resonates with our clients – they only pay us when we find them savings, and our independence and objectivity mean there’s a unique level of trust with our clients