Franchise Testimonials

“I was attracted to the concept of offering a service that didn’t cost anything to the client until a decision was made to act upon my recommendations.”
John Campbell, Nova Scotia

“The tools, clout with carriers, support from head office and most importantly, the network of consultants able to share projects and expertise all made it the best decision I’ve ever made.”
Neil Hostein, Ontario



Written Testimonials

Axel Nafthal - Kentville, Nova Scotia

September 2018


To Whom It May Concern,


It was February 2016 when I got down to work, right after completing my initial training week with Schooley Mitchell. Since then I’ve been working very hard, and I can’t remember how long it’s been since I had so much fun.

When I became aware of Schooley Mitchell over three years ago, my first thought was much the same as what I hear now at many of my briefings – “Okay, so what’s the catch?” The truth is there is no catch. We offer a valuable service to our clients and it costs them absolutely nothing. One can’t blame a client for thinking it’s too good to be true.

It’s not just a solid business model with a reasonable investment and low overhead. A Schooley Mitchell franchise provides outstanding training and execution tools in all aspects of the business.

The initial training is informative and highly focused, providing a clear vision of how to become established in the community.

Support is ongoing and responsive. The staff at Head Office are always willing to help any way they can. They say their purpose is to help franchisees succeed, and they mean it. No request is too big or too small.

The marketing tools are top-notch and effective.

The Quick Start program helped me prioritize and execute a plan of action in my first year, and I continue to receive mentoring and coaching as I need.

Incremental options such as appointment setting are very effective. Performance to date has exceeded my expectations significantly.

The Warehouse provides a wealth of information and solid selling tools.

Franchisees are always willing to help and take pleasure in each other’s accomplishments.

Production specialists are knowledgeable and efficient.

This has turned out to be among the best business decisions I have made in my career.


Axel Nafthal

Strategic-Partner, Schooley Mitchell

Greg Yuenger - Chicago, Illinois

March 7, 2016


Mr. Dennis Schooley

Schooley Mitchell

1030 Erie St.

Stratford, ON Canada

N4Z 0A1


Dear Mr. Schooley:

Hi there Dennis, hope all is well. Buying a franchise was certainly a new experience for me and I expect the same holds true for most. It’s had to believe I started my business six years back. We all know how fast time flies but more so when your activity directly translates to your W-2.

Looking back on the last years I have had fun and have been fortunate in the eyes of many to have made a few bucks along the way. The challenges I face every day are mostly market driven. This space is now and has been for the last twenty years in a state of flux where constant change is the norm. Your team has been particularly helpful in pursuit of more efficient tools to assist our production process and certainly a hats off to your development teams efforts to personally engage in response to those change events.

I hope to see a significant increase in my income opportunity again this year. Thanks to you and your team for your support in that endeavor.



Greg Yuenger


GG Business Consultants

Schooley Mitchell

Geoff Poli - St. Louis, Missouri

Dear Dennis:

A little over 7 years ago, I was in the process of evaluating several different business opportunities when I began to investigate franchises.  After being introduced to Schooley Mitchell and doing some in-depth research, I decided to purchase an SM franchise.  It has been one of the best decisions I have made in my business career.

I chose Schooley Mitchell for a number of reasons.  It was a good fit for my skill set.  My lack of a Telecom background wasn’t a limiting factor.  There is no geographic restriction and I’m free to pursue opportunities wherever my relationships take me.  There’s a good support system in place and training that provides you with great flexibility in how you can build your business.  This is not a cookie cutter approach and that really appealed to me.

Initial support was very good and head office staff provided the training and support needed to get me up and running.  The tools provided were good and the continual improvement in the tools has increased their value to my business.

As I built my business, it became apparent that one of the biggest assets of the franchise is the network of offices around North America.  You can choose to build your own staff or, as I have chosen, you can take advantage of the wide range of skills and expertise available through the other offices.  There’s vertical market and technology experience available whenever you need it.

When I began my business, I set some goals for myself and I’m happy to say that I’ve exceeded all of them.  I also really enjoy what I do and my clients enjoy the value that we create for their businesses.  With continued commitment to the right activities, and focusing on making clients happy, I’m confident that this will continue to be a great business.


Geoff Poli

Bill and Sue Wolsky - Lexington, Kentucky

October, 2018


To Whom It May Concern:


I would like to recommend the Schooley Mitchell Franchise System, the management staff of Dennis Schooley and Beth McMillan, and the head office staff located in Stratford, Ontario.

My wife and I became acquainted with the Schooley Mitchell model in 2009 as we searched for opportunities that would allow us to provide needed services to our local businesses, along with an income for our family and a business that we would be proud of as it grew over time.

After reviewing many different opportunities, what struck us was the no risk, no cost service agreements whereby the revenue we would generate from clients would be funded from a portion of the savings we would provide through our objective and independent expertise. Our clients could not spend any of their money with us. Our current customers agree, as their most common comment is something like “because of Schooley Mitchell’s unique approach to billing based only on actual cost savings, there was no hesitation to try their services”.

After becoming part of the Schooley Mitchell family, we have greatly appreciated the availability and helpfulness of the head office staff who are easy to work with, pleasant, and provide us with information to assist us in growing our business as well as answering questions that develop our marketing area. We attend the annual conference, not only to learn and understand more about the sales, marketing, technical and business side of our industry, but also to meet and grow relationships that we have established with other Schooley Mitchell franchisees. We cannot overstate the importance of having many other franchisees throughout the country we can email, call, or post discussions about our business who can assist, help and offer guidance based on their experiences.

Committing to this business cannot be taken lightly; it is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’. Like many opportunities, it takes your time, dedication and commitment of resources to build something from nothing. Although Schooley Mitchell can provide guidance, help and support, the responsibility for building your personal contacts, networking, making sales calls, providing customer service support to your clients, managing the production work, and managing the administrative duties of owning your business is dependent upon YOU and your hard work.

We are available to discuss our experiences with you and wish you the best as you consider your future.

Best regards,

Bill and Sue Wolsky

Greg Wisz - Grand Rapids, Michigan

November 2018


I had started a new business prior to joining Schooley Mitchell. The business was not returning the amount of income that I was promised and was more of a part time job. I decided to look at a franchise opportunity and I had decided on one of two food franchises. I was contacted by a franchise consultant who worked with me in identifying other opportunities. We ended up with four opportunities that I narrowed down to Schooley Mitchell because of a large variety of factors. After I talked to many offices that were already in this organization, I decided to move forward with the training.

The training was very thorough and I learned a lot about about our service areas in which we provide cost reduction consulting. I had a strong sales background which helped me land 26 clients in my first year of business. I then added another 40 clients in year two. I was asked to help one office out with production and then another large opportunity came which kept me busy for a few years. We have been extremely busy since then and it looks like the opportunities will continue to come to us.

I really enjoy working from a home office as I can spend more quality time with my wife and children than I was able to in previous employment. It is nice to be my own boss. When I produce for my clients I share in their savings, so I am rewarded for the effort that I am putting into projects instead of a fortune 500 company.

The income has exceeded my expectations and previous employment. I am very glad that I made the decision to join Schooley Mitchell. The offices that I work with are great. Everyone seems to really care and are very helpful in giving ideas or assistance with unusual jobs and circumstances. We have annual conferences and that help us bond as a team, as well as keep us up to date in our field.

I highly recommend joining the Schooley Mitchell team if you are a self-starter and would like to run your own business. You will be well rewarded for your efforts.


Greg Wisz

Schooley Mitchell

Grand Rapids, MI

Neil Hostein - Guelph, Ontario

November, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

What I remember was pain. Pain over the 45 minute commute to work and the one hour drive home every day. I remember the pain over it taking two weeks to find two minutes to pickup my dry cleaning. I remember the pain of marketing reports and opportunity funnel diagrams and upper management and everything else that corporate America reared forth at a 1000 miles an hour. It feels like a hundred years ago I wasn’t my own boss – in actuality, it’s been a little less than 17.

When I left my job to open my own business all I’d promised myself was that I wouldn’t buy another one. There were a few franchises that looked to be a good fit for me with good profit potential and a nice exit strategy, but most of them seemed caught up in the ‘flavor of the day’. I needed something where my own intelligence, drive and sales ability would make or break the success and not a gimmick whose catch phrase or nutrition content could turn on a whim.

At this point I hadn’t figured out that I needed help so I struck out on my own. No lack of marketing material, no tools, no buying power, no back office support or success stories could slow me down. I’d had a career as a salesman – why couldn’t I do this for myself? My last job found me working in the telecom world, and with all the seeming confusion amongst the carriers it seemed like as good a place as any to start blazing my trail.

Maybe it could have worked or maybe not. The fact of the matter is though, there had to be an easier way, so I started to look around. I was quite confidant that my decision to get into and stay in an IT or telecommunications related field had to make sense. Consulting in these arenas wasn’t new, but as expenditures accelerated and the clutter became more prevalent, those few good players just couldn’t keep up. The niche was there and it needed to be filled but little ole me couldn’t do it without some partners and they all wanted too big a piece.

It was here that I found Schooley Mitchell. I had known about the organization from my past life with AT&T and had bumped into them on a few occasions. From the carrier side, it was again the pain I remembered first – the pain in reduced margins by their involvement. The marriage seemed to make sense if the numbers worked and in the end I feel I got a lot more value than what I paid. The marketing material, for example; frankly I’d done the homework and knew what it cost to develop it on my own and it almost covered the franchise fee in itself. The tools, the clout with the vendors, the support from head office in those inevitable areas I waded into over my head, and most importantly the network of consultants able to share projects and expertise (a two-way street I might add) all made it the best decision I’ve ever made.

Sixteen years later and I still work too much, but I work for myself. I still do projections but they’re for my goal setting and no one else’s. I’ve seen an increase in sales every year I’ve been in business and am happy to say we broke the $2.5 million mark.

Whatever you’re doing, stop and look hard at Schooley Mitchell. If you can get out of bed by yourself, you can make this work.


Neil Hostein

Schooley Mitchell

PO Box 34021

Guelph, ON


Sean Fox - Cincinnati, Ohio

September 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a Franchisee in the Schooley Mitchell system for almost 15 years and I have no regrets. I have enjoyed building my business into a base of over 250 clients and have grown tremendously as a business professional from being introduced to the many facets of running a small business.

The business model of Schooley Mitchell allows me to have a common agenda with my clients and create a win-win proposition. It also allowed me to have flexibility in the way I choose to develop and grow my practice.

The financial rewards have been tremendous – I gave up a career where I earned over $175K a year to join Schooley Mitchell and have attained a much higher level of financial security.

The training, support, and systems provided through Schooley Mitchell have been helpful in guiding me to attain my goals. The system itself is always evolving and I’m looking forward to future enhancements that will help increase my profits.

I was able to operate in the black within the first year of operations and I have now reached the upper echelon of revenues within the Schooley Mitchell system. I am certainly looking forward to the future, not only to increase my own results, but to participate in the great business with great people. I have built lasting relationships with fellow Franchisees, my clients and the staff at head office.

I would not hesitate to recommend Schooley Mitchell to anyone that has the ability to sell and build good relationships. There is no limit to the potential and the enjoyment that can be achieved in this franchise opportunity.

Yours truly,

Sean Fox

Jerry Sarno - Saint Joseph, Michigan

October, 2018

Mr. Dennis Schooley
Schooley Mitchell
1030 Erie St.
Stratford, ON Canada
N4Z 0A1

Dear Dennis,

I wanted to take a few moments to share with you some thoughts looking back on my tenure as a Schooley Mitchell franchisee and what I see in the future for me. From the beginning when I was first contacted by your organization and after our first face to face meeting together, I had the feeling that being part to this franchise would be something special. And it has turned out to be truly more than that. The future is without ceilings for me and your business model is very unique in what it offers. I am grateful to be able to work as hard as I want and to have those rewards come directly to me, rather than a traditional business model where I’m working to enrich an entity which has little regard for me as a person.

I have benefited greatly from the continuously improved analysis tools in the Warehouse, which make my analysis better and timelier; the wonderful assistance I receive from every member of Head Office Staff whenever I call or inquire; and the many consultants across the country that are always willing to assist me in answering any questions that I might have. I have been able to collaborate with my colleagues on opportunities and best practices that help me pursue the best possible outcomes for my clients and prospective clients – the power of the system has really helped me raise my game.

The annual conferences are amazing events filled with informational sessions by Head Office and Consultant professionals, vendors truly engaged to help us in our pursuits of cost effective solutions for our clients, great round table discussions with colleagues, and valuable discussions among our consultant community with opportunities to network after conference hours and during breaks to truly maximize the learning and sharing opportunities. I’m looking forward to this year’s conference which will undoubtedly be the best conference I’ve attended to date.

I know there are unlimited opportunities for me to grow professionally and financially, and I look forward to a long and productive tenure as a Schooley Mitchell franchisee. I want to thank you again for allowing me into this outstanding organization. Business is great and I’m looking for more!


Jerry Sarno
Schooley Mitchell of St. Joseph, MI

John Campbell - Dartmouth/Halifax, Nova Scotia

September, 2018

Testimonial Letter

I joined Schooley Mitchell in March of 2003 after spending over 25 years in the life and health insurance industry. The insurance industry had changed in many respects and I was looking for something that offered autonomy, a potentially high income, no pressure to buy and a straightforward, uncomplicated product or service. When I discovered Schooley Mitchell I realized it was exactly what I was looking for. The premise is simple and risk free: if we don’t save you money, you don’t pay us anything.

The basic training provided me with the tools I needed to get started. By following the training exactly, I found that everything Dennis Schooley told me was true and in my second full year I was earning a six figure income. The training never ends because the telecom, merchant services, and courier industries are constantly evolving and that is something that I find to be highly stimulating.

The support from Head Office has been nothing but superlative. I have always been given the help I needed from the very beginning and it continues today. The quality of Head Office people is second to none. No problem is too trivial for them and no franchisee is left adrift. Their actions constantly prove their dedication to the success of every franchisee.

The Warehouse is a gold mine for a franchisee’s needs. Whether the topic is sales and marketing or administration of one’s business, the Warehouse covers it all. The tools are the absolute best in the industry and are invaluable in analyzing a client’s potential savings.

‘The Pulse’ is a stay in touch tool that my clients look forward to receiving. While every edition can’t be all things to all people, there is usually something every client can glean from the book reviews or videos.

In the insurance industry I attended conventions that were of a very high caliber and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Schooley Mitchell’s Annual Conference is as good or better. Always in an exotic location, it is filled with golden nuggets of knowledge. The round tables with my peers are always extremely helpful in finding ways others run their business and deal with their clientele.

I have found Dennis Schooley to be a leader with exceptional skills. His background as an accountant combined with highly polished sales ability provide for a very eclectic mixture that enables him to back up everything his says with positive, productive actions. Dennis is trustworthy and passionate about each and every franchisee’s success.

I would be pleased to have a telephone conversation with anyone interested in a career with Schooley Mitchell.

John Campbell, Strategic-Partner