We Provide All The Services Required To Start Your Franchise

Meet Your Franchise Development Team


Lindsay Ballantyne

Franchise Development Advisor

Lindsay is responsible for guiding Candidates through the initial stages of the discovery process, educating Candidates on the many benefits of a Schooley Mitchell Franchise.


With a diverse background in several different fields, Lindsay shines when it comes to providing excellent customer service and attention to detail when reaching out to Candidates who contact us through social media and our website.


Amanda Eve

Franchise Development Advisor

Amanda has a background in coaching and training our franchisees as a RAMP coach. In 2021 she joined the Franchise Development department at Schooley Mitchell, using he extensive knowledge of our business to help lead candidates through their qualification process and become Schooley Mitchell Franchisees.

Michelle Soper

Franchise Development Communications Specialist

Michelle is a Communications Specialist with a background in journalism and social media marketing. She started at Schooley Mitchell in March 2017 in the marketing and communications department, executing the SMARRT Relationship Builder program. She joined our Franchise Development team in November 2022 to help create informative content for our candidates in the discovery process.

Justin Cociu

Communications Specialist

With a diverse background in several different fields, Justin brings a wealth of knowledge to help our Franchise Development department create compelling and informative content to supplement the rest of our discovery process with our candidates.

Melissa Arnold

Franchise Development Assistant

In her role as Franchise Development Assistant, Melissa ensures a seamless administrative and operational process for the Franchise Development department. With years of experience in real estate administration, Melissa is a valuable member of our department, ensuring Candidates, coaches and consultants have everything they need throughout their discovery process with Schooley Mitchell.

Dennis Schooley


Dennis is the founder of Schooley Mitchell and has years of Franchising experience, helping to establish profitable and rewarding businesses for professionals of all types throughout North America. He is directly responsible for providing Franchise Candidates with information throughout the qualification process, allowing each Candidate to make an informed business decision about joining Schooley Mitchell. Dennis also has a passion for Sales and Marketing, and has lead the development of SM’s initial training for new Franchisees.

Mike DeBoer

Franchise Development Advisor

Mike started his career at Schooley Mitchell in the marketing and communications departments, assisting with franchisee and corporate marketing and content efforts. He eventually transitioned to the Franchise Development team, where he guides candidates through the discovery process.

Teighan Morris

Franchise Development Advisor

Teighan is a Franchise Development advisor for our team, She guides candidates through their due diligence process, building relationships and helping them make a big decision on their future. Teighan is a graduate of McMaster University and joined Schooley Mitchell in 2022.

Joanne Sales

Franchise Development Manager

Joanne is a valued member of the Franchise Development team, facilitating the onboarding that takes Candidates from the early stages of the process to active Schooley Mitchell Franchisee. She helps with determining Candidate suitability and relaying information to them. A helpful guide throughout the process, she assists Candidates with arrangements when travelling to Head Office for Discovery Day and initial training. Joanne is a main point of contact for the Candidates and Franchise Advisors.

Whats Included

Marketing & Social Media

Graphic Design & Multimedia

Research & Development

Vendor Relations

RAMP Training

Client Relations


Market Analysts

Software Development

I.T. Support


SMARRT Program

The Benefits

Control Over Results/Future

In a conventional job, your financial and professional success is usually not under your control – at Schooley Mitchell, you have full control

Huge market, no effect from demographics, territory, competition or economics – you are in control of your future

Control Over Time

At Schooley Mitchell, you can define your hours and spend more time with your family, in your community and following your passions than you ever could before in a conventional career

The clients and vendors you work with operate during regular 9-5 business hours – no expectations to work irregular hours

Ability to Make Significant Income

Huge marketplace

Little effect from demographics, competition or economic conditions

Research and Development department always looking for new ways to improve financial results for our franchisees

Appointment Setting

We have a full team of telemarketers who work to set appointments for you with prospective clients

We take on these calls for you so you can focus on other crucial aspects of your business

Strong Exit Strategy

Each client you obtain is an asset that can be sold – every client and their relationship with Schooley Mitchell adds value to the business

A franchise was recently sold for $4.5 million

Recurring Revenue Model

Using our systems and models effectively will build strong relationships with clients – our franchisees often create renewals with their clients

Each client you obtain at Schooley Mitchell creates a residual stream of income for a minimum of three years

Research and Development department always looking for new ways to improve financial results for our franchisees

Lower Investment

Once you invest your $68,000 franchise fee, you’re ready to obtain clients and build your business

No requirement to invest in facilities, inventory, equipment, or staff to be successful

Many of our franchisees have built successful businesses from a home office

Recession Proof

Schooley Mitchell is completely unaffected by economic conditions

When organizations are struggling, they need to utilize our services in order to survive. When they’re growing, they need our services to effectively expand their systems and processes in a cost-conscious manner


No restrictions on how big you choose to grow your business – you can work independently or manage a team

Territorial Freedom

Flexibility to obtain business clients anywhere in North America, no specific territory assignment

Professional Environment/B2B

Much like an accountant, lawyer and engineer you are viewed as a respected professional in your community

Personal Growth

Exposure to the knowledge and expertise of not only 100-plus Head Office staff but the entire system of franchisees and their diverse professional backgrounds

When organizations are struggling, they need to utilize our services in order to survive. When they’re growing, they need our services to effectively expand their systems and processes in a cost-conscious manner

Large Market Opportunity

Any business that uses phones or internet, accepts electronic payments, ships packages, produces waste or uses e-signatures, electronic logging devices, utilities, fuel, software, unified communications, uniforms and linens, less than truckload, or facility supplies can be a client

Our services will resonate with organizations of every size and financial situation

Happy Clients

Our risk-free independent service resonates with clients

We provide clients with time, money, security and knowledge so they can focus on running their business

Exceptional Support & Training

We have a staff of 100 professionals here at Head Office completely focused on helping you succeed

From award-winning marketing materials to a robust coaching and training program to our knowledgeable team of analysts and software developers, you have the support and guidance to grow a successful franchise

High Value Service

No business can afford to waste money and time or stick with services that aren’t effective for their needs – we take away these pain points and help our clients build and grow

Our risk-free service resonates with our clients – they only pay us when we find them savings, and our independence and objectivity mean there’s a unique level of trust with our clients