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Thermae Centre for Advanced Aesthetics

“Not only did Schooley Mitchell find us 42% savings on our telecom, but we now have faster internet and didn’t have to change our vendor! The savings didn’t stop there, and Schooley Mitchell found another 17% savings on our merchant fees with our incumbent vendor. The best part is that Schooley Mitchell will continue to be a watchdog for these services and continue to look for savings.”

Focus West Optometry

“Schooley Mitchell provided us with a very succinct and clear value report that detailed costs savings from our incumbent provider as well as two new service providers for us to consider. Schooley Mitchell worked with the service provider to ensure implementation was completed as agreed and will continue to monitor our services and will also continue to look for additional savings over the term of the contract.”

Age Management Institute

“Schooley Mitchell found over 45% savings on our landlines, data and mobile phone services. For a small business with multiple vendors to manage, this service has allowed us to save $7100 per year, and pass along the reins to SM for all related incoming vendor invoicing and continued savings opportunities. The process was simple and painless – all we had to do was supply our invoices and answer a few questions to ensure they were able to recommend the best solutions for our business.”


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