Professional Profile – Mary Pociask

Mary Pociask knows very well how important expense management is to drive profitability. That’s why she’s committed to providing her unique perspective and advice to businesses so they can focus on doing what they do best.

“Often firms set lofty sales objectives to meet net income expectations, but don’t pay enough attention to managing expenses. Reducing unnecessary costs will improve financial stability and profitability. However, finding expense savings – knowing the best deals and negotiating with vendors can be time consuming and frustrating,” Mary said.

Mary is proud to offer Schooley Mitchell’s valuable services to her clients, reducing their various business expenses and optimizing their cost environment. With Schooley Mitchell’s 20 years of experience, strong vendor relationships, market intelligence and proprietary software and databases, Mary can get her clients deals that they simply don’t have access to on their own.

Schooley Mitchell is North America’s largest independent cost reduction consulting firm, with offices from coast to coast in the United States and Canada. On average, Schooley Mitchell reduces clients expenses by 28 percent and has delivered savings to over 22,000 clients.

Mary’s success is her client’s success. In fact, due to Schooley Mitchell’s unique contingency-based fees, Mary doesn’t make a dollar unless her client realizes savings. There is no up-front cost for Schooley Mitchell’s help. That’s why working with Mary is truly a win-win proposition. The Virginia-based Schooley Mitchell consultant offers an objective, risk free service to her clients, significantly reducing costs in several areas including telecom, merchant services, small package shipping and waste disposal.

Prior to joining Schooley Mitchell, Mary had an extensive career in telecommunications, finance and marketing. She worked for a major telecommunications provider for many years managing corporate budgets and leading marketing and loyalty programs for small and mid-sized businesses.

Mary has an MBA in finance from George Washington University, an A.B. in Economics from Smith College and a Graduate Certificate in digital marketing from the University of Virginia.

“With all of the demands business owners face, they often don’t have time and the resources to keep up with all of the changes in technology — let alone all of the promotional offers that are in the market. I work with clients to take away the pain of trying to make sense of the complicated fee structures and the bills. I give them the peace of mind that they are never paying more than they should be,” she said.

In her personal life, Mary enjoys spending time with her family – especially at Bethany Beach, DE. She loves traveling, reading, refinishing old furniture, and trying to learn or tackle a new project whenever she can.

Mary is a member of both the Reston and Dulles Regional Chambers of Commerce and also actively supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) as a team member for the Women of the Year campaign, as well as a supporter of the Reston Light the Night. She participated in the All Hands and Heart efforts to rebuild and repair homes in North Carolina impacted by Hurricane Michael, and plans to volunteer her time and efforts with new projects as the need arises.

Both as a consultant and in her day-to-day life, honesty and transparency are Mary’s guiding principles. By setting clear objectives and explaining the Schooley Mitchell process, Mary avoids surprises that often come with consulting work – and she knows her clients will benefit.

“I am doing this in a large part because I believe what we do truly helps businesses. An efficient and well run business is a prosperous one that will be more resilient during challenging times.” she said.

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