Frequently Asked Questions

What if my current supplier appears to be doing a good job?
That’s great. Vendors generally do a good job in our experience. The difficulty is your vendor can only recommend the services they sell, and do not present any alternatives.
What if I am already under a contract?
In some cases, the contract isn’t as binding as you think and there is room for movement. We are experts at isolating unnecessary fees and negotiating within existing contracts.
I thought that we are currently receiving the best rates?
You deserve the best rates and service. We have the knowledge base and benchmarked data of over 25,000 successful deals and happy clients. Our insider knowledge means we know how low your vendor can go.
Isn’t this something that I can do for myself?
You could do it yourself. However, managing the ebb and flow of vendor company mergers, regulation changes, penalty charges, new plans and packages, and billing errors is ambitious and costly. We have proprietary software, unique knowledge and a team of experts who spend the time, so you don’t have to.
Do I have to open my books or expose my P&L to participate?
Definitely not. We have no interest in digging through your P&L. All we need is your most recent three months of vendor/supplier invoices. Then our experts undertake a full analysis, which includes a comparison of your current set-up against our knowledge base, and the rest of market.
How much of my time is this going to take to get started?
Great question. The best news is that Schooley Mitchell does all the heavy lifting. Your total time investment is approximately two hours, and that includes time for your staff to gather three months’ worth of invoices and complete our fact-finding process. Then we present our findings to you – it’s that simple.
What possible outcome can I expect from a relationship with Schooley Mitchell?
This is our favorite question. There are only two possible outcomes from a relationship with Schooley Mitchell:
1. We save you money
2. You receive a thorough audit of your services at no cost to you

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