Cost Reduction Case Study – Telecom

Cost Reduction Case Study – Telecom


Our client was a manufacturing technology company. The client had recently changed over their phone sys-tems but didn’t switch their services associated with these phone systems – this caused some constraints that had to be navigated. Their situation was complex in that they had several vendors associated with the myriad of services they were receiving. They were also dissatisfied with the services they were receiving due to the fact that they experienced regular outages that impacted their ability to operate effectively. The client brought us in to help navigate these complexities and look for ways to improve their telecom services and save them money.


Upon performing our analysis of their telecom systems, we were able to find our client substantial savings in both their wireless and wired services. We removed the insurance fees tied to their wireless, which resulted in a reduction on their bills. We also consolidated their wired phone and internet services — which they were initially receiving from different vendors — down to a single provider. This provider also offered better rates and a better quality of service that fit our client’s needs. We brought this recommendation to our client, and they were ecstatic with the proposal. By consolidating their internet, phones, utility lines and alarm systems down to a single vendor, we reduced the complexity our client had to deal with on a regular basis.


Our client’s quality of telecom service improved dramatically, which has been pivotal in improving their operations. While the move away from their previous vendors was a challenging process to navigate, we ensured our client was not negatively impacted, either financially or operationally, by the implementation challenges. The client was ecstatic with our work and the fact that we harmonized their telecom systems and services down to one vendor, and drastically improved their billing process while finding them substantial savings. Our client wouldn’t have been able to do this by themselves while operating their business — thankfully, we were able to deal with their pain points for them.

Case Study by: Paul and Kelli Nashawaty
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