Cost Reduction Case Study – Merchant Services and Telecom

Cost Reduction Case Study – Merchant Services and Telecom


Our client was a local church that had little visibility into their merchant services and telecom systems. While the client was convinced that they were already fully optimized in these areas, they still brought us in to analyze their payment processing infrastructure to see if we could improve their services and find savings. As is the case with most of our clients, the nature of the front-end applications and back-end systems associated with their merchant services technology meant they preferred to stay with their incumbent vendor in order to avoid major disruption to their operations.


While we did take a comprehensive look at the entire marketplace to find them the best rates with a variety of vendors, we remained cognisant that our client preferred to remain with their existing provider. With that in mind, we went to work analyzing their bills to see if there were incorrect charges, overcharges or other opportunities to save money. We discovered that our client was eligible for a non-profit rate that would reduce their merchant services spend by 48 percent — one that they didn’t know they could receive. We began negotiating with the vendor to qualify our client for this non-profit rate and secured them the discounted pricing. We then brought this proposal to our client, along with alternative options with the other providers on the marketplace, and they accepted our recommendation of remaining with the same vendor and saving 48 percent on their bills. The client has since brought us in to do a similar inspection of their telecom systems. Due to augmentation, they have a myriad of analog and digital technologies connected to their telecom stack, utility lines and alarm systems. We continue to evaluate these systems on an ongoing basis to ensure our client is fully optimized.


The 48 percent in merchant services savings we found for our client resulted in a transformational five-digit amount returning back into the church’s offertory. With that money, the church has been able to reinvest into additional training for its members and expand its ministries and charitable outreach. We also provided clarity and transparency to the client, who were shocked that their services weren’t optimized. Due to staff turnover, the church’s new office manager had little visibility into the merchant services and telecom services they were receiving — thankfully, we were able to provide her with a holistic view into the church’s business services and systems.

Case Study by: Paul and Kelli Nashawaty
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