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Paul Nashawaty
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Apex, North Carolina 27502
P: 919-267-6700
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Kelli Nashawaty
P.O. Box 2173
Apex, North Carolina 27502
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Are you paying too much for your business services?

Schooley Mitchell can help:

You save MONEY without sacrificing service

Our model is risk-free, and our only compensation is a share of the savings we identify for you – money you are already spending with vendors. We realize these savings by implementing cost-effective solutions and cost-recovery measures for you.

You save TIME without increasing your payroll

We augment the efforts of your existing staff without adding payroll costs. There are no other fees for our service except for a share of the recovered money.

You benefit from our KNOWLEDGE and experience

As the largest independent cost reduction consulting company in North America, we have extensive research and analysis capabilities. Our growing network of cost reduction professionals, and our specialized analysis tools and databases, means our expertise is second-to-none.

You gain a sense of SECURITY through our objectivity

We are completely objective in assessing your current and future business needs, with no ties to any service provider. You can be confident you are getting the best advice to help you make the right decisions.

Numbers speak: We have produced over $360 million in documented savings for more than 25,000 clients across North America.

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Budgetel Inn & Suites Raleigh
"Reducing expenses during this difficult time is imperative to keep our staff employed and make sure the business can continue to operate. Paul Nashawaty and his team at Schooley Mitchell offered to provide an independent analysis of our telecommunications, merchant services, and waste spending, with a goal of finding savings opportunities, without any risk of loss to us. "
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Mr. Tire
"After reviewing my bill, we quickly identified areas where Mr. Tire was over billed and over provisioned for telecommunications services. This proposed savings was worth the conversation and the analysis. Since Schooley Mitchell of Raleigh provides a risk-free analysis, we immediate took advantage of this information. "
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Garden Supply Co
"A short meeting, plus collection of our bills was all it took to start Thom and the team on their way to providing us with an in-depth Value Report that breaks down our current services, plus a cost comparison of what else is available in the area. We remain active with the team and their quarterly analyses to confirm we will continue to get the savings they found us each month, will always be optimized, and are not experiencing any billing errors."
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Crystal Digital Communications Inc.
"Thom and team provided validation that we were fully optimized with our merchant service vendor. We recommend Thom and his team to any business to do a risk-free analysis to see if they are receiving the best rates for their telephone, internet, credit card processing, and waste fees. Pick up that phone today!"
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Garage Door Specialist
"The Schooley Mitchell detailed Value Report [...] showed that they would be able to negotiate roughly a 5% savings (or over $2,000 per year) with our incumbent vendor and no changes to our current systems, while also providing us with rates from other vendors. We are enjoying the savings this analysis provided, while trying to evaluate when and if a vendor change will be the right choice for our business. The best part of the process was the risk-free analysis, and the guarantee that all the decisions would be in our hands, even if we chose to do nothing in the end."
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Dunkin' Donuts
"The analysis offers visibility into the expenses to run this location, but also offered multiple suggestions on how I can optimize the various bills and expenses within this location. We are very satisfied with Kelli and the team at Schooley Mitchell of Raleigh and would suggest having them review your business expenses to increase your bottom line."
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Franklin Rouse Jr State Farm Insurance Agent
"They provided us with a detailed report of their findings and were able to find us an annual savings of 25% with our incumbent vendor with no impact to our service. Part of their service is a quarterly review that confirms the new rates and makes sure that we continue to receive the best possible value."
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NTB Tire
"Schooley Mitchell of Raleigh reviewed my waste, telecommunication - internet, TV and cell phones, as well as my merchant services. I am pleased to say, working with Schooley Mitchell of Raleigh has provided details about my bills that I was unaware of. This analysis is risk free and saved me time and money. "
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Southeastern Freewill Baptist Bible College
"The Schooley Mitchell of Raleigh team worked diligently on gathering the information needed not only on my incumbent vendors, but also provided options for two alternative vendors as well. As a result, Schooley Mitchell of Raleigh was able to find Southeastern Free Will Baptist Bible College 43% savings in our telecommunications spending. This included evaluation of our wireless, landlines, TV and data services."
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Richards Insurance and Financial Services Inc
"The analysis of my wired lines and internet found that one of my locations was taking advantage of the best offering's services my area however my second location was on a legacy plan. This information was provided to me and gave me the option to optimize or stay with the existing plan. In addition, Schooley Mitchell of Raleigh was able to recover billing errors on my account providing me with a credit towards my upcoming bills."
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Gunter Building Solutions, LLC
"I was approached by the Schooley Mitchell of Raleigh team and after a brief conversation, I recognized the value of what they were offering. Since they are not a vendor, they were not trying to sell me anything and they were looking out for my best interest. A short meeting, a couple months of invoices, and a few questions is all it took. After the analysis the team presented me with a comprehensive report that detailed all of my present services. I was impressed with their recommendations, because the report was factual and easy to understand."
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The Special Event Company Inc
"Kelli was able to work with the team of Schooley Mitchell analysts to provide a detailed review of the Special Event Company account. This analysis did not require much time, but also provided validation that we were fully optimized with our vendors. Schooley Mitchell of Raleigh not only delivered on the promise of time, but also provided options to continue to maintain our account as well as review services for potential savings in the future."
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Bentwinds Golf & Country Club Inc
"Schooley Mitchell saved the Country Club both time and money, and gave us a clear understanding of the services we use to run our business every day. This service is valuable to any business who is interested in reducing expenses and who do not have the time or expertise to achieve this result on their own."
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Financial Strategies Group
"Paul and Kelli were able to negotiate a 51.43% savings with our current telecommunication provider. Their value report offered several options to choose from, we appreciated that one of those options allowed us to reduce our expenses with no disruption to our current services. With these savings, we are delighted with our results and would highly recommend Paul and Kelli Nashawaty"
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Applied Technology Solutions Inc.
"The value that Schooley Mitchell provides is a risk-free analysis of your bills. The finished analysis provides a report that is thorough and allows you to easily understand what you are paying for with clear recommendations to reduce your costs. They will implement any savings or improvements on your behalf. Their analysis found our company a 28% saving on our wireless costs, a 45% savings with local telephone service, and almost a 99% saving with our long distance."
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MD Andersen, CPA, PA
"I was pleasantly surprised when Paul came back with a value report that showed a 40% savings! The detailed report clearly lists everything about our telephone and internet services. In addition to the reduced fees with our current vendor, there were also comparisons to other vendors, and all the recommendations were very helpful."
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St Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church
"Schooley Mitchell made good on their word and found the church a 38% savings on our electronic credit card processing. They also saved us the time of performing an audit ourselves, which we do not have the resources or manpower to do, their expertise assured us that our contracts were fair and our systems optimized, and most importantly, they provided security in knowing that they will continuously be reviewing and we will always be getting the service options we need for the best price."
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