Recommendation Letter for Dankos, Gordon & Tucker, P.C.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am happy to write this letter in recommendation of a great business, Dankos, Gordon & Tucker, P.C. Located in Richmond, Virginia, Dankos, Gordon & Tucker, P.C. offers quality legal advice for individuals and corporations.

Since 1986, Dankos, Gordon & Tucker, P.C. has been dedicated to providing the best legal representation available. Whether you’re buying your first home, starting a business, or planning your estate, the firm is passionate about making sure you have all the facts.

Most of the attorneys at Dankos, Gordon & Tucker, P.C. have over 20 years of experience and are all active in their communities on a professional level. They use their extensive experience to represent you to the absolute best of their ability, every time.

I highly recommend using Dankos, Gordon & Tucker, P.C. for your personal or business legal needs if you’re in the Richmond, Virginia area. You can have peace of mind knowing you are getting excellent legal representation at a reasonable cost.

Yours truly,

Mick Wienholt
Business Optimization Specialist
Schooley Mitchell

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