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If you’re looking for a residential or commercial paint job in the Denver area, give the dedicated team at Paint Denver a call! Since 2009, Paint Denver has offered interior and exterior painting, popcorn ceiling removal, and cabinet painting to a wide variety of clients, all while maintaining an unparalleled commitment to quality and community service.


Owner Rob Peterson prides himself on his team’s professionalism and high standard of service. He knows that customer service and creating a great working relationship with each and every client is just as important as a job well done.

“It’s all about the experience,” Peterson said. “And that starts from just returning phone calls — we have full time office staff to handle customer service.”

Along with the friendly and professional customer service team, Paint Denver employs experienced, hardworking painting crews who you can trust to get the job done right the first time. In total, the business employs around 35 dedicated and talented individuals.

On top of the wonderful experience Paint Denver provides, it also uses high-quality paint that is safe for families and the environment, minimizes waste, and is free of the harmful chemicals found in other low-quality paints.

The expertise and quality Paint Denver brings to table is a big part of the reason the business has formed a symbiotic relationship with Denver’s thriving real estate market. Some of its biggest customers are home buyers and sellers who are looking to either personalize a new home before they move in or freshen up a property before listing. Realtors love to work with Paint Denver, because the team always gets the job done on time and have it market ready.

“We make each other look good!” Peterson said. Peterson’s favorite part of the job is connecting with people. Each client presents the opportunity to build a strong new relationship.

“Starting new relationships, setting the tone, supporting it, and watching us thrive is what I love,” he said. “People tend to come back. We frequently have repeat customers.”

Some of the greatest relationship-building moments for the Paint Denver team have come through their continued Paint Denver Amother amazing job by Paint Denver!Since 2009, Paint Denver has offered interior and exterior painting to a wide varity of clients, all while maintaining an unparalleled commitment to quality and community service.
acts of community service. Paint Denver has worked with local nonprofit, the Lion Project, for seven years. The Lion Project chooses two to four nonprofits every year that target a specific community issue to aid. Through ongoing participation, monetary and service donations, and through participation in the organization’s workdays, Paint Denver has been instrumental in many important local endeavors.

“It’s a great way for us to have a bigger impact than we have time to do on our own,” Peterson said.

To learn more and support this incredible Denver business, visit Paint Denver’s website at

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