Recommendation Letter for Diane Austin of Owen Sound & District Chamber of Commerce

To whom it may concern:  

It is my pleasure to write this letter in recommendation of Diane Austin. Diane, the CEO of the Owen Sound & District Chamber of Commerce, is dedicated to helping the community thrive and supporting local businesses wherever possible. If you’re a business owner in the Owen Sound area, I strongly suggest getting in contact with Diane.    

Diane and the Chamber represent the values of strong community leadership, collaboration, and sharing of knowledge. Some of the services they provide to business owners include workshops and seminars, weekly networking meetings, and business excellence awards. On top of that, Diane and the team at the Owen Sound & District Chamber of Commerce have organized to offer their members group insurance plans, shipping discounts with Purolator and UPS, fuel discounts with Esso, and electronics discounts with Lenovo.    

Diane’s talent, advocacy for, and dedication to local businesses is truly invaluable to the Owen Sound community. She gives Owen Sound businesses a voice and community foundation on which to excel. As a business owner who benefits from her hard work, I am immensely grateful.    

Sincerely yours,
Miguel Cardenas  
Optimization Specialist  
Schooley Mitchell

View as a PDF: Diane-Austin-Owen-Sound-Chamber

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