Schooley Mitchell is the Perfect Way to Serve Non-Profits

Strong business communities thrive because of trusted partnerships.

Partnerships with Non-Profits are one of the simplest ways for business professionals to help others, while helping themselves.

The process is easy! If you sign a Service Agreement with Schooley Mitchell of Humble, you will help your business reduce their expenses and become more profitable. Additionally, if you sign before 5/31/2023, you will be able to help a Non-Profit of your, because Schooley Mitchell of Humble will donate 10% of their fee to a Non-Profit of your choice!

You help my business grow, help your business become more profitable, and you are supporting a Non-Profit with an ongoing donation for the length of the Service Agreement

It’s a win for everyone involved!

Company Revenue:

Annual Expenses as a % of revenue:


% of Expenses Addressable By Schooley Mitchell:


Average % Savings to Client:


Client Annual Expenses:


Expenses Addressable by Schooley Mitchell:


Client Annual Savings:


Client Realized Savings Over 36 Month contract:


Client Shares Saving with Schooley Mitchell:


Production Fees:


Non-Profit Donation:


Total Paid to Non-Profit over 36 Months:


Non-Profit Monthly Donation


* These calculations are for example purposes and may not represent actual revenue amounts.

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