Recommendation Letter for Bountiful Farms

To whom it may concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Bountiful Farms. Located in the beautiful Woodburn, Oregon, Bountiful Farms is a wholesale nursery that features a wide selection of products.

Bountiful Farms got its start when Jay Nelson and his wife Julia started successfully farming and harvesting hazelnuts. They soon became fascinated by the idea of growing a quality nursing stock and thus, Bountiful Farms was born. Over the years, their two sons and grandson have since joined the business, making it a third-generation company.

Today, Bountiful Farms has grown to more than 700 acres. It has embraced new techniques, cutting edge technology, and state-of-the-art robotic technologies to produce a consistently high-quality product that is shipped all over the world. This includes ornamentals, edibles, shade trees and much more.

However, Bountiful Farms doesn’t just produce some of the most unique and stunning products around, it also has a truly amazing team. From plant grafting experts to a plant sculpturist, each one is well-trained, knowledgeable, and a true pleasure to deal with. They often go above and beyond for their clients to ensure they find exactly what they need.

I highly recommend Bountiful Farms to anyone in need of a wholesale nursery partner. At Bountiful Farms, you will find a wide selection of products to choose from and unbeatable customer service every time!


Jeff Dean
Business Optimization Specialist
Schooley Mitchell

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