Recommendation Letter for Waterford Tank & Fabrication

To whom it may concern:

I am pleased to write this letter in recommendation of Waterford Tank & Fabrication. Located in Beverly, Ohio, Waterford Tank & Fabrication is an industry-leading manufacturer of above-ground single and double-walled storage tanks for the gas, oil, and propane industry.

Waterford Tank & Fabrication uses innovative manufacturing systems and smart production design to produce tanks and custom pressure vessels that provide storage for natural gas, propane, oil, and other chemicals.

Servicing the Midwest and eastern United States, it manufactures custom products like gun barrel tanks, UL 142 tanks, and API 12F tanks as well as stairways, ladders, and platforms for attaching to tanks. All walkways and stairways are made from carbon steel, can be painted or galvanized, and are made to be erected, taken down and re-erected for other applications.

Although the products at Waterford Tank & Fabrication are high quality, it is the team standing behind it that makes all the difference. Each one is experienced, skilled and dedicated to serving their clients and they have an entrepreneurial spirit that makes such an impact in the industry.

I highly recommend Waterford Tank & Fabrication if you are looking for a company that provides excellent customer service and produces the gold standard in industrial tanks and pressure vessels. With Waterford Tank & Fabrication, you can rest assured you’ll get the products you need at a price you can afford.


Gary Murphy
Business Optimization Specialist
Schooley Mitchell

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