Recommendation Letter for Budweiser Gardens

To whom it may concern:

It’s my pleasure to recommend one of London’s jewels, Budweiser Gardens, an establishment of paramount importance to the city and Southwestern Ontario as a whole. I believe that creating a strong sense of community and togetherness is an important feature in a business, and Budweiser Gardens continues to do this through love of sport, music, and entertainment.

In 2010, Budweiser Gardens won Canadian Venue of the Year. This is hardly surprising considering the range of quality events to the community it serves. From being the home of London Knights, to hosting a wealth of Canadian and international bands and performers, Budweiser Gardens provides the opportunity for every visitor to have a fun and memorable experience.

Apart from the obvious appeal of concerts, hockey-games, and monster truck rallies, Budweiser Gardens is an important partner to various local London businesses. On its website, for example, users are directed to a wide variety of nearby restaurants, hotels, and parking garages that will make their event more enjoyable. This spirit of mutualism and promotion of local businesses should be celebrated, for the benefit it brings to both patrons and the local business community. Its cooperative efforts have made Budweiser Gardens a community asset.

From a more technical standpoint, Budweiser Gardens shines with an active social media presence, a flourishing online community, and an incredibly informative and user-friendly website. Really, the whole experience with Budweiser Gardens is fluid and enjoyable. I would recommend the location to a personal friend or family member without hesitation.

Best regards,

Neil Hostein
Schooley Mitchell

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