Schooley Mitchell Process: Client Feedback

Pleased to share some feedback from one of my clients about their experience with the Schooley Mitchell process.

To Whom It May Concern;

In October 2021 we contracted with David Dow and Schooley Mitchell of Bloomington Normal to have them review our Merchant Card Services, Telecom, and Waste Removal accounts to find savings opportunities. Honestly, we did not expect them to find any savings particularly with our Merchant Card Services because there is only one credit card processor that can be used with our veterinary software. But David is a longtime client and as a professional courtesy, and out of curiosity, we had them review the three categories.

They have now completed their review of each category and we are pleasantly surprised that they found savings of $723 per month with our incumbent Merchant Card Services vendor;
$520 per month in Telecom Savings; and $1,326 per month in Medical Waste savings – that is 87% savings. Over the life of the 36-month agreement that is an estimated $92,526 in savings. We are now having them review our Utilities expenses.

The process is straightforward, and the best part is that they do the work. Their analysts do the research and negotiations. They present their recommendations and if approved they implement the recommendations. And they continue to monitor the accounts and invoices every month. Last month they uncovered that we had been overcharged $1,200 on our credit card processing invoices for December and January, and they recovered the full amount for us.

We are very happy with the work that David and his team have done for us and recommend the services of Schooley Mitchell.


Tammi Rich
Practice Manager
Town & Country Animal Hospital

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