Kind Words from a Client

Another great client experience — we were able to find savings, even on accounts thought to be well optimized.

To Whom It May Concern;

In July of 2020, I contracted with David Dow and Schooley Mitchell of Bloomington Normal to have them review our Merchant Card Services, Telecom, Small Package Shipping, and Waste Management accounts to find savings opportunities. Honestly, I did not expect them to find any significant savings because after selling my large accounting firm, I scaled back to only select clients; and as an accountant I already pay close attention to my expenses. But David is a longtime family friend and we have worked together closely on philanthropic programs where he has demonstrated strong organizational strengths, attention to detail and excellent communication skills. Additionally, David had approached me to consider a structured referral relationship for the benefit of my clients, associates in my network, and the private company boards that I sit on. I felt the best way to be able to make referrals would be to go through the process myself and see the quality of the work product.

After some brief fact finding and providing online access to my vendors, they began the analysis. Within four weeks Value Reports started being presented with an Executive Summary and then very detailed analysis of my current configurations and their recommendations. Small Package Shipping was the first report and while I primarily ship with USPS which was fully optimized, they secured a 50% discount for my FedEx Express shipments which I did not previously have. Telecom was next and was again optimized because I have a family plan secured through a local Fortune 50 company; but I was impressed by their attention to detail when they pointed out that if I were to change my auto pay from credit card to debit card (or ACH) then I would save $20 per month. I do not have significant credit card processing so while they advised the rate that I am paying is high, the fact that there is no contract and with the low volume that it would be a nuisance to make a change at that time. I received a Future Savings Value Report for Waste Management identifying $50 per month savings when the current contract expires later this year which they will monitor and let me know when I need to send the cancellation letter. They have started analysis on Utilities for the 5-unit office building that I own. I should add that all this work is done on a contingency basis so the only fees that I pay are a percentage of the savings that they find, and I realize.

The process is straightforward, and the best part is that they do the work. Their analysts do the research and negotiations. They present their recommendations and if approved they implement the recommendations. And they continue to monitor the accounts and invoices every month. The initial reports and post audit reports on actual savings are thorough, detailed and well presented. Any follow-up or task monitoring is also their responsibility.

The bottom line: I am happy with the work that David and his team have done and recommend the services of Schooley Mitchell.


Bruce Breitweiser
Managing Member
Graham Newlin LLC

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