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Schooley Mitchell helps your business thrive. We are focused on providing you with solutions tailored to your individual needs. Our commitment to customer service consistently results in satisfied clients.

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Schooley Mitchell’s recommendations save your organization money and increase your bottom line. Check out some companies who have benefited from having the cost reduction experts on their side.

“[Schooley Mitchell] provided a very detailed report showing everything we were currently paying for and options on how we could save money … The service Schooley Michell provides has been exceptional and we are very pleased we had them do an analysis of these expenses.”

Dave Krebs, CPA, CPA Advisory Group, Inc

“Not only did [Schooley Mitchell] save me a nice chunk of money, [they] also helped me transition those services to a new office building and ultimately a new provider. The service I received has been exception and I truly appreciate the diligence you showed in saving me money and helping me with my transition.”

– Kelly Tate, CPA

“The Schooley Mitchell team did all the analytical work on how we communicate as an organization … They did the heavy lifting in making the changes to make the savings come to life.”

Donna Miller, President, Above & Beyond

“[Schooley Mitchell] did a great job of identifying small package shipping alternatives and then negotiated a deal that resulted in approximately 34% shipping savings for our company. We thought the process was very easy and completely transparent.”

Ron Steward, President, Heritage Encon Group Inc.

“Keeping our same vendors and all of our same services, [Schooley Mitchell] was able to save us an astounding 45% off our current bills … We trust Schooley Mitchell and because we have them to look after our expenses, we can focus on our clients, projects and growth.”

– Shane Zuke, VP of Operations, Gillett Construction

“Schooley Mitchell informed us that they found savings on our local service, long distance, wireless and merchant services! The largest savings were in the wireless category – over 48%. We even realized the savings on our merchant services account without having to change vendors.”

Bradley Hearn, Information Systems & Technology, Corporation of the City of Temiskaming Shores

“As much as the savings produced, Schooley Mitchell has given us peace of mind to know that we have independent experts that have the experience and knowledge to deal with all of our telecom vendors. They have become the single point of contact for all of our telecommunications accounts.”

– Chris Crum, Public Health Director, Greenup County Health Department

“It is nice to know that there is a company like Schooley Mitchell that is looking out for our best interest and we are fortunate to have their expertise and guidance. I would strongly recommend the Schooley Mitchell team to any business needing to improve their bottom line by finding profit dollars in your expenses.”

Karen Amerine, Office Manager, Dublin Dental Associates

“Schooley Mitchell was able to get us moved over to a new vendor with no build cost, and even managed to get us port credits on our new services. Our local services are now faster, more reliable, and 60% cheaper than they used to be. In a post audit, Schooley Mitchell was able to double our internet speed without increasing our costs!”

– Mike Foulis, Owner & Hearing Instrument Specialist, York Hearing Clinic

“Schooley Mitchell saved the Country Club both time and money, and gave us a clear understanding of the services we use to run our business every day. This service is valuable to any business who is interested in reducing expenses and who do not have the time or expertise to achieve this result on their own.”

Russell Guy, Business Manager, Bentwinds Golf and Country Club

“They looked at the existing services / contracts we had with our merchant services and went to battle on our behalf to reduce those costs and commissions. With their expertise, they were able to reveal and eliminate some of the hidden and intricate charges that banks levy … you have nothing to lose by letting [Schooley Mitchell] assess your situation.”

– Mike Watling, Managing Partner / Owner, Last Frontier Heliskiing

“Schooley Mitchell saved us 26% on our local, long distance, data, and cell phone bills … The Schooley Mitchell Process makes sense for any business. You will be very happy when it adds to your bottom line.”

Jeffrey P. Dalton, President, Dedicated Technologies, Inc.

“The best word to summarize my experience working with Schooley Mitchell – EASY! They do all of the work: reviewing your previous statements, performing the analysis, negotiating with providers, delivering the recommendations and managing the implementation. I would recommend Schooley Mitchell to any business owner looking to lower their overhead costs.”

– Lindsay Viscount, Owner, Longevity Graphics

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the results that Schooley Mitchell brought to us in their very detailed value report assessing our needs and what the marketplace had to offer … It is wonderful to have a true independent consultant that doesn’t have financial ties to any providers who is looking out for your best interests.”

Joyce A. Cully, Controller, United Plate Glass Company

“After a thorough review of our services, they found us 51% savings and saved me personally so much time. I am very grateful to Schooley Mitchell and would recommend them to anyone who has a confusing and time intensive task ahead of them trying to figure out what their telecommunications are actually costing them. We thank Schooley Mitchell very much and are looking forward to a long relationship with them watching over our telecom expenses.”

– P. Tim Sewcyck, Riverside Electric

“Whether you are a non-profit or profit-making organization, we at Habitat for Humanity Hernando County highly encourage you talk to [Schooley Mitchell] and have them look at your telecommunications and/or merchant services expenses … On top of the obvious benefit of the savings, their process saves you valuable time and helps you to focus on what your organization needs, as opposed to what the subjective vendors tell you is needed.”

– Denise Damiankes, Finance Director, Habitat for Humanity Hernando County, Inc.

“The Schooley Mitchell team found meaningful savings with our current provider and alternatives to consider in the future with greater savings … the process of working with Schooley Mitchell was simple and took just a few hours of our time. The results were excellent, and time well spent on our part.”

– Craig Brown, Chief Financial Officer, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

“The Schooley Mitchell team’s continuing support is valued and appreciated. Since we don’t have the time or ability to monitor these expenses on a regular basis, it is nice to know that Schooley Mitchell will now be doing this for us, continuing to save us time and money. Their expert analysis of our telecom needs was at no cost or risk to us, yet provided us truly significant savings.”

Jonathan B. Dunwoody, Minutemen Press

“Schooley Mitchell’s process is thorough, professional and now provides us with a quarterly review of our merchant service and telecommunication costs, which is a great comfort and something that we just don’t have the time or expertise to do on our own. I highly recommend Schooley Mitchell to any business wanting to be sure that they are getting the most from their telecom and merchant service providers.”

– Kyle A. Jones, President, Print Finishing Specialties

“The process of working with Schooley Mitchell to realize these savings was simple and took just a couple hours of my time … I’m pleased with the results Schooley Mitchell achieved for us and recommend them to any business looking to save money on their merchant services expense.”

Bill Compton, CEO, Champia Real Estate Inspections and Inspector Call Center

“It was easy to get started, took very little of my time, and we didn’t even have to meet face-to-face … [Schooley Mitchell] found savings that is resulting in thousands more in net operating income for my company. I would suggest any business that processes credit cards give the easy Schooley Mitchell process a try to see how much you might be able to save (and keep) this year!”

– Ursula C. Mentjes, President, Sales Coach Now

“[Schooley Mitchell] provides us with detailed quarterly updates on our savings, while continuing to ensure we receive the most optimal pricing possible … We are very pleased with our relationship with the professionals at Schooley Mitchell and are happy to recommend them as a valuable working partner for any business looking to optimize their telecommunications costing.”

Krista Reage, Office Coordinator, Southwest Properties Ltd.

“Our phone lines were all under contract but Schooley Mitchell still found us 37% in yearly savings and an additional 19% on our long distance … Schooley Mitchell saved us money that would otherwise be coming out of our pocket and going directly to our vendors. I recommend Schooley Mitchell to anyone interested in saving their business some money!”

– Robert Marsiglio, Market Centre Administrator, Keller Williams Realty Centres, Brokerage

“[Schooley Mitchell] did exactly what was promised in a friendly and professional manner. They analyzed our current merchant service provider and found that we could save every month by reducing the plus portion of the discount rate … Forever Young Fine Jewelers highly recommends Schooley Mitchell.”

Megan Young, Owner, Forever Young Fine Jewelers

“The Schooley Mitchell team proved with complete transparency that our expenses were not fully optimized … The Schooley Mitchell team remain hands on throughout the entire process with installation through post audits. They are sincerely looking at our best interests and we are fortunate to have their expertise and guidance.”

– (Eddie) Cheng Chuang, Manager, Royal Fixtures

“Schooley Mitchell’s process is thorough, professional, and now provides me with a quarterly review of our telecommunication costs, which is a great comfort and something that I just don’t have the time or expertise to do on my own. I highly recommend Schooley Mitchell to any business wanting to be sure that they are getting the most from their telecom providers.”

Ann Marie Thompson, Owner, TNT Erectors LLC

“I was exceptionally pleased with both the savings that were provided and the ongoing service that I’ve been getting. I just had an annual review meeting with my TBayTel rep and he was remaking on how clean our billing was, he couldn’t find anything that he could help us with! We would highly recommend Schooley Mitchell to any OTA member looking to save money and time on telecom.”

– Helen Kari-Halwachs, Director of IT, McKevitt Trucking Limited

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