Yahoo legally responsible for data breaches

According to Reuters, a United States court has decided that lawsuits against Yahoo regarding two major hacking events can move forward. The hacking events took place in 2013 and 2014 and impacted a billion and 500 million users respectively. Since then, five class action suits have brought against the web company by account holders whose personal information and security has been compromised.

Yahoo dismissed the case on the grounds that the victims did not have the legal standing to sue, but US District Judge Lucy Koh rejected this, stating, ““All plaintiffs have alleged a risk of future identity theft, in addition to loss of value of their personal identification information.”

According to The Verge, this lawsuit is bad news for Verizon, which now owns Yahoo: “Verizon reduced its acquisition offer by $350 million following the disclosure of the breaches, purchasing the site for $4.48 billion in cash.”