Would BlackBerry Benefit From Android? Probably Not.

Android phones are leading the market, and Samsung is dominating the smartphone industry. There have been more than a few suggestions that BlackBerry should have jumped on the Android wagon instead of developing its own OS.

But, as pointed out by Mary Branscombe in this ZDNet article, all that Android touches isn’t gold. In the first quarter of 2013, Samsung sold over 70 million handsets, about 40 million more than Apple. That’s impressive. However, all companies producing Android-run devices didn’t share in the glory. LG – the third biggest name in the industry – only sold 10 million handsets in Q3. Other companies didn’t even produce numbers worth reporting.

But it’s clear that BlackBerry must do something to bounce back, because the BlackBerry10 platform – touted as the company’s savior by many – doesn’t appear to be gaining enough ground. This week, the Canadian smartphone maker laid off 100 employees from its home base in Waterloo, Ont. The cuts came just weeks after 250 others, and three senior execs, were let go.

At least one tech analyst is urging critics to go easy on BlackBerry.

“The fact that we’re talking about BlackBerry now makes this headline news, but really this is just normal business for any company,” Carmi Levy was quoted as saying. “Investors will pay particular attention to even the smallest employment adjustment at a company like BlackBerry, despite the fact that other companies of similar size are probably doing the same thing right now but not getting the headlines. It just so happens that the spotlight is being shone very brightly on the company right now.”