Wireless cramming draws ire of Vermont AG

When it comes to phone cramming, Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell is not amused. In fact, he’s encouraging any resident who notices the fraudulent charges on their bills to report the act to his office.

Phone cramming is an all-too-common practice where companies slip charges onto consumer’s bills for services they never ordered. It is done through the phone provider, which will most often plead its ignorance about the charges. The scammers hope that the consumers don’t spot the extra fees – usually are $10 or less – and continue paying them month after month.

Recently, 12,000 Vermont residents were reimbursed over $1 million for services fraudulently charged to landline bills. Now, the Attorney General is turning his attention to wireless cramming, which makes sense considering an estimated 1,000 state residents have already been affected.

The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission receive thousands of cramming complaints each year. There are even more people who haven’t noticed the charges on their bills, since monthly statements are often difficult to understand.