Virgin offering T-Mobile customers $100 rebate

Virgin Mobile is dangling the carrot in front of T-Mobile subscribers, enticing them to jump providers with a $100 rebate.

According to information on Virgin’s website, those switching from a $60 a month T-Mobile plan to Virgin’s $55 a month unlimited plan will receive faster speeds after data limit caps and a subsidized Samsung Galaxy S II for $299.99. The phone retails at T-Mobile for $413.99, with no contract.

The two-year cost difference is pegged at $1,320 versus $1,440. Tack on the additional savings from the $100 credit and $114 device subsidy, and it all adds up to $334. Perhaps it’s not enough to woo those happy with their T-Mobile service, but could appeal to those looking for a new wireless home.

Virgin Mobile USA is one of Sprint’s prepaid brands.