Verizon Rages at Netflix for On-Screen Message

Verizon has slapped Netflix with a cease and desist letter after the online streaming service posted messages blaming slow speeds on the telecom company. The on-screen messages popped up when a video was buffering, blaming the interruption on the congested Verizon network.

Steaming mad, Verizon has accused Netflix of pulling a PR stunt, and has demanded it be provided with a full list of all customers that saw the message on their screen.

“There is no basis to assert that issues with respect to playback of any particular video session are attributable solely to the Verizon network,” wrote Verizon general counsel Randal Milch, in a letter to Netflix’s chief lawyer. “Verizon demands that Netflix immediately cease and desist from providing any such further ‘notices’ to users of the Verizon network.”

Netflix began displaying the messages in mid-May. It says it was merely experimenting with different ways to inform paying customers about issues affecting the service’s performance.

“This is about consumers not getting what they paid for from their broadband provider,” Netflix spokesman Jonathan Friedland was quoted as saying. “We are trying to provide more transparency, just like we do with the ISP Speed Index, and Verizon is trying to shut down that discussion.”

*Source: USA Today