Verizon hit with lawsuit after installing unauthorized cables

Here’s a great reminder to telcos to not leave their cables lying around! A developer in Orlando, Florida found its office tower project significantly delayed after Verizon installed an unauthorized cable on site. The developer, Lincoln Property Company, claims this added about $500,000 in unexpected costs to the project.

In August, Lincoln Property Company says “an underground cable line was unexpectedly discovered” on the project site, delaying construction. The developer claims the cable was never properly authorized before installation, and moreover, when Verizon showed Lincoln Property Company maps of the site, the cable was never included.

The worst part, according to Lincoln Property Company, was that Verizon waited three months after discovery to send a crew to remove the cable.

According to Fierce Telecom, the lawsuit outlines the property damage, fees, and other expenses incurred by Lincoln Property Company to remove the cable, as well as losses caused by the delay. The lawsuit also asks for attorneys’ fees and administrative costs.

Source: – Verizon gets hit with lawsuit over unauthorized cable in Orlando
Published: March 23, 2018