Verizon and AT&T Move in with Best Buy

best buyVerizon and AT&T will soon be setting up miniature stores inside electronic retail chain Best Buy. These stores will be in addition to the space they already occupy on the shelf.

Both carriers recently made separate announcements, stating they are planning to install mini-stores in 250 Best Buy locations within the United States this year. More specifically, Verizon said it would start by opening 100 this month.

Verizon revealed it will be referring to these shops as “Experience Stores”, and they will be operated by Best Buy employees who receive additional training. Joan Colaiuti, vice president for national distribution for Verizon Wireless, said these Experience Stores would be very similar in appearance to the company’s pre-existing Destination and Smart Stores.

AT&T will take a similar route, with Best Buy employees working at its shops. However, in addition to selling smartphones, tablets, plans and other various tech, the carrier plans to include a dedicated section for smart home offerings such as Digital Life and DirecTV.