Users spend 2 billion minutes a day Skyping

Skype has proved itself a popular way for people around the world to stay in touch without racking up pricey phone bills. Ever wonder just how many people are using the VoIP app? Well wonder no more – according to the company, it adds up to two billion minutes per day.

As Mashable points out, that’s the equivalent of watching 16 million movies, or travelling from Earth to the moon 225,000 times.

“Skype has been growing in its number of minutes at double digit rate for a steady time,” Elisa Steele, Skype corporate VP of marketing, was quoted as saying. “The number of mobile users continues to grow at a very strong rate too, not just from the desktop but other devices, as well.”

The fact that ‘Skyping’ is now a commonly used verb really says it all.