US Senator wants Apple to answer for slowdown scandal

Cheap battery replacements might not be enough to appease consumers angered by Apple’s recent slowdown scandal, where the iPhone maker admitted to quietly slowing the performance of older phones in an effort to prolong battery life. One individual who is particularly fired up is Senator John Thune of South Dakota. Thune sent a letter to Apple this week, asking the company more questions about the scandal, and requesting a response by January 23rd.

Senator Thune is the chairman of the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, which explains his interest in the matter. He said in his letter, addressed to CEO Tim Cook, that “Apple has failed to act with enough transparency,” reported The Verge. Thune also asks Apple whether “the company will issue updates in the future that slow device performance, and whether it tracked consumer complaints about performance issues.”

As has been widely reported, Apple has been compensating for the news of the slowdowns by offering a discount on battery replacements from $79 to $29. Senator Thune also wants to know how Apple arrived at that discount number, and whether is has considered free replacements or offering rebates to customers who have already paid the undiscounted fee.

Senator Thune is by no means the only government official to be concerned by Apple’s actions over this scandal. According to The Verge, officials in France are looking into a criminal probe of the company.