Twitch Resets User Passwords After Data Breach


Twitch, the livestreaming service for gamers, recently confirmed reports that it suffered a security breach. As a result, the hugely popular service acquired by Amazon last year for nearly $1 billion is now requiring all users to change their passwords.

Twitch made a blog post on their website notifying users of the breach which may have lead to unauthorized access to a number of user accounts.

“For your protection, we have expired passwords and stream keys and have disconnected accounts from Twitter and YouTube. As a result, you will be prompted to create a new password the next time you attempt to log into your Twitch account,” wrote Twitch staff in the blog.

Additionally, an email was sent out to users saying, “If applicable, you will also need to re-connect your account to Twitter and YouTube, and re-authenticate through Facebook, once you change your password. We also recommend that you change your password at any other website where you use the same or similar password.”

The Twitch team also apologized for the inconvenience caused by the hack. Twitch is reportedly the fourth largest site on the Internet in terms of peak traffic behind Netflix, Apple and Google, meaning the hack could potentially impact a huge number of people.