Time to say goodbye to that Socl network you never heard of!

socl_logo-100016001-mediumHave you heard of or used Microsoft’s social networking service, Socl? It started four years ago and has been the center of a lot of social media experimentation since. According to The Verge, Microsoft says it will be shutting down Socl on March 15th.

Socl started as a mysterious project from Microsoft’s FUSE research group. It has grown to include apps for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other successful services – Socl never really had a clear plan. And without filling out a specific niche on the web, its user base never grew significantly.

Microsoft announced it was ending Socl on a blog post, saying it thanked the “supportive community of like-minded people” who had used the service loyally over the past four years.

“We have learned invaluable lessons in what it takes to establish and maintain community as well as introduce novel new ways to make, share and collect digital stuff we love,” the post said.