Telus growing faster than expected in 2018

Canadian wireless giant Telus has recently revealed that its Q1 results were better than experts had predicted. According to Mobile Syrup, Telus “posted a consolidated operating revenue of 3.4 billion, an increase by six percent over the same period a year ago.”

Telus says its growth comes from the success of its wireline and wireless businesses. Its wireless business made “$1.5 billion in revenue, an increase of four percent over last year.” Telus also added 48,000 new subscribers to its wireless service – which is 4,000 more than it added in Q1 of 2017. Most analysts predicted Telus would add somewhere between 35,000 and 39,000.

Mobile Syrup explains that, although this is great news for Telus, the company is nowhere close to its main competitors: “The additions come in far below Rogers’ 95,000 net postpaid additions in Q1 2018, and under Bell’s approximately 68,000 Q1 2018 net postpaid additions.”

Telus has a total wireless subscriber base of around 8.9 million.

Source: – Telus reports 48,000 net postpaid wireless additions in Q1 2018
Published: May 10, 2018