T-Mobile Tempts Customers With Hulu

T-MobileWe know T-Mobile has been after Sprint customers for a long time, offering many perks to switch carriers. Now the company is going after Verizon as well. Mobile users who switch from Verizon to T-Mobile until December 17 can enjoy a year’s Hulu subscription for free.

The subscription that is part of the deal is the Limited Commercial Plan, which regularly goes for $7.99 a month. T-Mobile CEO John Legere says that it is a “gift that will keep giving all year long.”

This might be especially true, because with T-Mobile’s BingeOn program, video streaming from Hulu does not account against your monthly data limit.

T-Mobile has been particularly generous this holiday season, with several enticing offers aimed at different consumers. And like its policy for Sprint and AT&T customers, the company is willing to pay up to $650 in contract cancellation fees for Verizon customers.

*Source: PC Mag