T-Mobile promises not to raise the prices on its unlimited data plans

Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T have all recently reshuffled their data plans, offering a wider variety of plans as well as some pricier options that include new, expensive features. CNET describes this shift as “a reversal of years of aggressive promotions that included free iPhones, lower rates and other throw-ins.”

T-Mobile, ever vocal about its opinion of its competitors, has kiboshed that idea.

“We’re not pursuing a monetization path,” said CFO Braxton Carter in an interview about the carrier’s Q2 results. The company believes it is not the best way to attract or keep subscribers. Carter says, “”The benefits of creating more subscribers outweigh the shorter term benefit of tweaking (average revenue per user).”

That doesn’t mean T-Mobile won’t be toting promotions in the future – in fact, they definitely will. Carter and COO Mike Sievert both described in their interview with CNET that the company plans on creating a promotion surrounding the upcoming new iPhone release. And, of course, there is the impending 5G tech and compatible phones to sell.

Source: cnet.com – T-Mobile won’t raise the prices of its unlimited data plans
Published: August 1, 2018