Sprint Introduces “iPhone Forever” Plan

iphone-6-flexislim-smoke-white_3 The competition between U.S. carriers continues to heat up, benefitting customers. Sprint has just launched a new monthly fee plan called “iPhone Forever,” available at a discounted price for a limited time. This new plan is designed to ensure all subscribers have the latest iPhone models, which is ideal for users who always want the newest Apple products.

This plan typically costs $22 per month on top of service fees. It ensures users are eligible to trade in their previous model and upgrade to the latest iPhone whenever a new model is released.

For a short while, the “iPhone Forever” plan is being offered at the discounted price of $15 per month. Customers willing to trade in their existing smartphone for a 16-gigabyte iPhone 6, and upgrade to another iPhone before December 31, will maintain the $15 fee until the time of their next upgrade.

All major U.S. carriers are venturing away from contracts in favor of upgrade programs, and Sprint claims its “iPhone Forever” plan will save users a minimum of $20 per month compared to similar programs offered by its competitors.However, these savings depend on your device and service needs.

Users who are satisfied with the base iPhone model will benefit most, and the advantage shrinks for those who desire a larger screen or higher capacity. Whether or not the plan works out to be a deal also relies on heavy data usage. The price gap will diminish considerably if users don’t need unlimited data.

That being said, this plan is still a good deal, especially if you are satisfied with your coverage and are not planning on switching platforms.