Sprint Announces Unlimited International Messaging

Sprint logoIn a move to rival T-Mobile, Sprint has announced a new plan offering users free unlimited text messaging and 2G data for international roaming. This new offer called Value Roaming does not include voice calls, which will be priced at $0.20 per minute.

Sprint customers will now be able to text or browse the web without incurring any extra charges if they are in Argentine, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico Nicaragua, Panama, Russia, South Korea, Spain and the UK. In comparison, T-Mobile offers the same service in more than 120 countries along with slightly faster data speeds. Additionally, Sprint’s 2G data speeds will top out at 64kbps, while T-Mobile’s goes up to 128kbps.

Sprint is also offering one-time-use International Speed Data Roaming Passes, which includes 3G data for a set period of time. A 1-day pass provides 100MB of unrestricted data for $15, a 7-day pass allows 200MB for $25, and a 14-day pass offers 500MB for $50.

This new international plan is likely Sprint’s way of competing with T-Mobile, but could also prove beneficial when Google launches its own US network. Recent reports have stated Google is looking to partner with a number of international carriers, a move that would essentially eliminate roaming fees. This development would make international plans imperative.