Spotify User Information Posted Online

SpotifyHundreds of Spotify accounts were compromised when a list containing personal details was posted on Pastebin last weekend. The list includes vulnerable information such as passwords, email addresses, username and account type. Thankfully, payment information was not revealed.

Although Spotify maintains the “records of the users are safe,” users themselves are more concerned. Some noticed playlists on their accounts they did not create and others had unfamiliar tracks in their “recently played” tab. Most worrisome, some users have even been locked out of their accounts.

All this occurred within the same frame of time as the records being posted online, leaving a rather obvious correlation. It’s not the first time this has happened: last November, more than 1,000 Spotify email logins and passwords were hacked, making their information public and locking users out of their accounts for three days.

Clearly Spotify, like other web-based services, will have to work to upgrade its security and protect the privacy of its users. In the meantime, change your Spotify password if you’ve been hacked or not, just to be safe.

*Source: Tech News Today