Skype Available on Android Wear

skype_logoA new version of Skype has been released for Android Wear devices, and is also compatible with a range of smartwatches powered by Google’s Android operating system. Anyone with an Android watch now has the ability to compose, read and respond to messages directly from their wrist.

Video calling doesn’t quite work the same on the watch as it would on a phone, however. Users can decline calls at any time from the watch with ease, but accepting a call via the smartwatch sends the video call to the user’s phone or mobile device. Once on the phone, users can mute, pause or end their call by using their Android Wear device.

Skype 6.0 for Android can be downloaded for free in the Google Play store. It has been recently updated to deliver ease of navigation, and enhanced search and messaging. “Mojis”, short video clips from movies and TV shows, are also newly available to be used in Skype messaging.