Schooley Mitchell lawsuit watch: 911 challenge

emergency 911In this week’s Schooley Mitchell Lawsuit Watch, we bring you news of a $214 million storm brewing on the east coast over 911 system fees.

It’s the latest legal challenge filed by Alabama-based company Phone Systems Recovery, this time alleging Massachusetts phone companies are pocketing emergency call system fees instead of handing them over to the government.

According to a Boston Globe article, the lawsuit was filed in Superior Court based using whistle-blower statutes. The company that filed on behalf of the state stands to receive a portion of the settlement if successful.

Phone System Recovery president Roger Schneider alleges telcos are purposefully undercharging their large clients to skirt the fees owed to the state by underestimating the landlines in use. The Massachusetts lawsuit is just the latest: the company has filed a similar suit in Pennsylvania too.

In our experience, it’s much more likely that businesses are being overcharged for their telecom than undercharged, so it will be interesting to see how this lawsuit pans out.