SaskTel Changes User Disclosure Numbers

SaskTel Phone PlansSaskTel is revising its numbers after it was revealed the company under-reported the number of times it disclosed customer information to police and government agencies.

Initially, SaskTel said it received over 6,800 requests for such information, when in fact it received 11,610 requests. Only 4,139 were accompanied by warrants. The company handed over the information about 98 percent of the time.

According to John Meldrum, SaskTel vice-president, corporate counsel and regulatory affairs, the initial counts failed to include after-hours emergency and routine requests for names and addresses.

Other Canadian telecom providers had reported much higher numbers than SaskTel, which raised his suspicion.

“I started to wonder why the heck we had such a low number,” Meldrum was quoted as saying. “It didn’t make sense in relation to the rest of the country.”

Privacy experts have voiced concern about telcos disclosure processes, fearing customer data is being handed over without much thought and without a warrant.

Source: The Star Phoenix