Samsung to Release Smartphone Wristwatch

Samsung, one biggest companies in the tech world, is taking another step in the direction of success. The smartphone giant will release Galaxy Gear next month, a line of devices worn like a wristwatch that preforms just like your phone would.

Galaxy Gear will use Android software like other Samsung products. It will make phone calls, browse the Internet, and handle emails. It will be made public on Sept. 4, two days before the IFA electronics show in Berlin begins. Consumers will get their hands on it sometime next year.

While Galaxy Gear will be the first of its kind on the market, Apple is rumored to also be developing a watch. As of February, sources say Apple had 100 people working on the device. It seems that Samsung – which has already pulled ahead of Apple in the smartphone game – has beaten the company to the punch.

Galaxy Gear will be available in 2014, but if Apple did release a comparable product, which would do better? Would you buy Galaxy Gear or the Apple Watch? It will be interesting to see what innovative new gadgets these companies roll out in the months to come.