What does Samsung have in store for 2018?

Are you curious to hear what Samsung is doing in 2018? According to an article in The Verge, the company will focus on “foldable OLED displays and Bixby” to “help drive the company’s growth this year.”

A foldable display – think smartphone vibes with flip phone portability – is intended to help distinguish future Samsung devices from those of competitors. This tech has been buzzed about for years, and while multiple patents have been filed, nothing of real significance has been released.  Samsung will also be working on some new business related AI using its Bixby voice assistant technology.

The Korean tech-giant also released its Q4 earning for 2017, which saw record profits “driven by its chip-making business and the sales of its lucrative OLED displays for smartphones, many of which can be found in the iPhone X,” according to The Verge. Mobile earnings were actually down, in contrast, due to a decline in smartphone shipment. Overall, Q4 saw Samsung rake in $14.24 billion USD.