Samsung smartphone users will soon have access to FM radio

Future generations of Samsung smartphones will be FM radio compatible to users across the United States and Canada. This is a feature that iPhone users do not have access to.

According to an article in Business Insider, Samsung has been working in collaboration with TagStation to enable FM radio on Galaxy smartphones through the NextRadio app. This will allow Samsung users to access FM radio “without pulling excess data or battery power from their smartphones.”

You may be wondering if people would even want to use FM Radio on their phones, considering the popularity of apps like Spotify and similar services. But in a way, FM Radio fits in a retro aesthetic that some smartphone users appreciate in their tech; the same way that vinyl is making a comeback. On top of that, TagStation president Paul Brenner said in press release that “having access to FM radio frequencies could benefit people in emergency situations…” and “…access to FM radio aided those affected by recent natural disasters in Puerto Rico, Houston and the Florida coast.” In some countries, FM radio access on smartphones is a key safety feature.

The next Samsung device to make this available will likely be the Galaxy S9, which the company promised to announce in late February.