Samsung Explains Your Exploding Phone

SamsungSamsung has finally come out with an official, public explanation for the disastrous series of exploding Note 7s that injured consumers and damaged their property last year. According to CNET, during a press conference on January 22nd, Samsung admitted that two separate battery defects caused both the original batch of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones and their replacements to overheat and occasionally set ablaze.

Justin Denison, head of product strategy and marketing for Samsung US, explained the issue to the press. The first battery apparently suffered from a design flaw that left it with a small external casing, unable to hold the components inside of it properly, which caused the battery to short-circuit and ignite. The second battery, which came from a different supplier, suffered a manufacturing defect amidst the rush to produce and replace the first. Unfortunately, this defect caused the same result.

Even though we now know the reason behind the fiery failure that was the Note 7, Samsung still has to rebuild its reputation and prove to us that it’s safe to buy its future smartphones. Samsung announced to the press that in order to rejuvenate its credibility, it will be launching the Galaxy S8 and another Note smartphone later this year.